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Egypt, 1944 - 1945

Assigned to the Central Depot of Medical Stores on 1 November 1943. Seconded as chemist to the HQ Polish Forces in the Middle East from 14 March 1944 to 16 June 1944. Attached to the HQ 3 Polish Corps on 9 October 1944. Re-assigned to the HQ Polish Forces in the Middle East from 9 March 1945.


It was, most probably, at this point in time that my grandfather, not having any news from Poland and believing that his wife and daughter were no longer alive, was contemplating the possibility of settling in Palestine. In the archives of the Jewish Agency I found a request for an immigration visa to Palestine (the so-called “certificate”) submitted on his behalf on 28 August 1945 by Jacob Klotz, a cousin living in Tel Aviv. His address at that time: 44 Salman Pacha Str., Cairo (c/o Katz).






Admitted for treatment to the Polish Military Hospital No 8 at El Kantara, Egypt on 2 November 1945.

28. Egypt, Chanuka 1944.jpeg
29. Egypt, Chanuka, 1944.jpeg
30. Egypt, Chanuka, 1944.jpeg.jpeg
35. Most probably Egypt.jpeg
36. Most probably Egypt.jpeg.jpeg
37. Memorial service, 12 May 1945.jpeg
38. Cairo, 15 November 1945.jpeg

Memorial service, 12 May 1945

Cairo, 15 November 1945

31. Luxor, March 1945.jpeg

Luxor, March 1945. My grandfather, who on 1 January 1945 was promoted to Lieutenant, is third from the left

Chanuka, 1944

Memorial Service, 12 May 1945

66A MOD1.jpeg
66A MOD1.jpeg
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