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In March 1945, possibly on her way back to Lodz, Krysia visited Jerzy in Poznan and then, according to a cousin in Lodz, spent there every weekend.


But when Krzysztof visited Krysia in Lodz in May 1946 he felt that the affair with Jerzy is over. In October 1946 Krysia herself wrote to Ala in Australia: "I got one letter from Jurek (a nickname for Jerzy) .... generally speaking very childish. In spite of this I cried all day long. I answered briefly that I am studying pharmacy, that my father is coming back and that I am going to marry. There was no answer".

The cousin told me that on one of her weekly visits to Jerzy, Krysia was awaken by his mother in order to get ready for the church. That was the point where Krysia realized that the connection with Jerzy will not work  and put an end to the affair with him. 


In April 1946 her second album carries the first photo of Arnold Majorek (known to all as Anek), her future husband. 


With Jerzy in Poznan, March 1945

NA3 col.jpg

Krysia's first photo with her future husband, Arnold Majorek, April 1946


With Zofia in Lodz, November 1945


Krysia with her husband, her parents and myself, Lodz, 1949.

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