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Working together with Krysia at the MWN, most probably in the same room, was a young bespectacled man whose first name was Jerzy. Originally from Poznan, he, like Krysia, came to Warsaw after his native city was incorporated into the German Reich. 

As it seems, it was Jerzy and his family with whom Krysia went on Sundays to various attractive locations on the outskirts of Warsaw. "We all tried - wrote Krzysztof to me - to get away from the occupation and war reality by going on trips to Wilanow, Bielany, Podkowa Lesna and more"

I asked Krzysztof about Jerzy’s surname. “I really do not know – he answered – during the occupation one would never ask for people names. It was too dangerous”.

Photo 62.jpg

With Jerzy at the MWN office.

Photo 65.jpg
Photo 70.jpg
Photo 77.jpg

Wilanow. Have these photos been a sophisticated "insurance policy" in case she was caught and her belongings searched? Wilanow Palace near Warsaw was a second home to many Polish kings.

Photo 66.jpg
Photo 75.jpg

Podkowa Lesna. "Located in a beautiful setting not far from Warsaw ... Forests surround the city on three sides from the east, south, and north" (Wikipedia).

Bielany.with an unknown family, quite possibly Jerzy's relatives.

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